LiveReload has problems with SSL (https)

LiveReload works by injecting livereload.js script into your web pages. The script has a URL like http://localhost:35729/livereload.js; on https pages that triggers an “insecure content warning” or a similar message from your browser.

Workaround: You should be able to configure your browser to suppress the warnings. Google for your browser name and “mixed mode warnings” (or the exact error message).

Vote to fix this problem on its feedback entry here — non-anonymous voters get subscribed to the updates.

Status: I'm planning to look into it some time soon, but for now, please consider this a limitation.

(The main problem is that livereload.js can be accessed via multiple domain names, and even when it's on localhost, there's no way to obtain a trusted SSL certificate for localhost. I do have a few options in mind, though.)

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