How do I choose the best integration method?

Background: To communicate with your browsers, LiveReloads needs its JavaScript code to be injected into your web pages. (If you're curious, see more details in How does LiveReload talk to my browsers?)

There are 3 ways to arrange that:

  1. Either add a script tag into your HTML code manually,
  2. or install a browser extension (that, when activated, adds the script tag to the visited pages on the fly),
  3. or use a plugin for your web framework (that adds the script tag on the fly when serving requests), currently only available for Rails/Rack.

So how do you choose?

Use method 1 (insert a tag) or method 3 (framework plugin) if:

  • you want live reloading for sites open on iPhone, iPod, iPad devices or iOS simulator (and, soon, Android devices/emulators)
  • you want live reloading for sites open on other computers on your network without browser extensions installed
  • you want to work with file: URLs in Safari (because Safari prohibits extensions from accessing file: URLs under any circumstances)

Use method 2 (browser extension) if:

  • you want to preview CSS changes against a live site
  • you want to use the upcoming "saving CSS changes from web inspector" feature
  • most people prefer this method because it requires no changes to your projects

You can use both if you need to; the script tag you add manually will happily cooperate with the browser extension.

Ready to act? See one of these articles for detailed instructions:

  1. How do I add the SCRIPT tag manually?
  2. How do I install and use the browser extensions?
  3. Does my framework/tool have a LiveReload plugin?

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