How do I troubleshoot LiveReload?

Please watch out for these common problems:

  • Cannot find the app on a Mac? By default it lives in your menu bar on 10.7 and in your dock on 10.6.
  • Using prefixfree JavaScript library (e.g. as part of HTML5 boilerplate)? Please upgrade to the latest beta version.
  • Using a proxy server? Be sure to configure to bypass the proxy.

Some common problems with browser extensions:

  • Make sure you've activated the extension by clicking its toolbar button on the desired page.
  • Chrome and Safari extensions can only access pages loaded after the extension installation/update. Try reopening your tabs or restarting the browser if you have a problem with extensions.
  • Safari extension does not have access to file: URLs. There is no way around it; the best solution is to use Chrome.

Otherwise, please contact support and provide the following information.

Part 1. Simple details:

  • the version of your operating system
  • the version of the LiveReload app
  • which browsers you have tried it with
  • the versions of those browsers
  • the versions of installed LiveReload browser extensions, if any
  • the URL you use to access your project locally
  • the details of your web stack (e.g. PHP 5.3 with MAMP, or Rails+Pow, or webapp2 on Google App Engine, etc)

Part 2. Please attach the log file.

On a Mac:

~/Library/Application Support/LiveReload/Log

On Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Application Data\LiveReload\Logs\log.txt

On Windows Vista / 7:

C:\Users\YourUserName\Local Settings\Application Data\LiveReload\Logs\log.txt

Part 3. If your problems are connection-related, please append ?LR-verbose to the browser URL and give me any LiveReload-related output from the browser's JavaScript console.

Part 4 (Mac only). Please attach the crash log files if the app has ever crashed. They are located here:


The file names should start with LiveReload and end with .crash

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