32-bit Mac support

The latest versions of LiveReload do not support 32-bit Macs. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot install Lion, you also cannot run the latest LiveReload.

However, by a popular demand, we've been able to build an older version (2.0α6) for 32-bit architecture.

Unfortunately, the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox have changed the web socket protocol, and the 32-bit version cannot talk to them.

The options you have are:

  • using Safari, which should work
  • using an older version of Firefox (or Chrome)

(I will try to look into porting a newer version of LiveReload to 32-bit Macs when I have a moment.)

Before I give you the download link, here are some usage terms:

  • You are only allowed to run this on 32-bit machines. When you upgrade, please buy the latest version. (Nothing will prevent you from running it technically, though. And the kill date is disabled too.)
  • Node.js-based compilers (LESS, Stylus, Jade, CoffeeScript, Eco) won't work, because the bundled version of Node.js is 64-bit; however, if you replace 'Resources/node' executable within the app bundle with an appropriate 32-bit version, it has a good chance of working.
  • We officially wish you a new Mac for Christmas (and every other holiday after that).

Download here: LiveReload-2.0a6-32bit-unsupported.zip

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