What's new in LiveReload?

Changes in 2.3.27:

  • None, just a Mac App Store version number for v2.3.26. Not at all sure that Apple will approve the update, but submitting anyway.

Changes in 2.3.26:

  • Added a hidden setting to change LiveReload port number.
  • Fixed a ‘port occupied’ error message to actually show up.

Changes in 2.3.24:

  • Updated CoffeeScript to v1.6 with source maps, enable them in compiler options.
  • Updated HAML to v4, which is mostly backwards-compatible, but do check the official blog post about HAML 4.
  • Updated ZURB foundation to v4. Please open a support request if this change is unwelcome. See the migration guide.
  • Other compilers and libraries updated to the latest versions.

Changes in 2.3.22:

  • Fixed a bug with LiveReload hanging on the first compilation error.

Changes in 2.3.21:

  • Bundled compilers updated: SASS 3.2.5, Compass 0.12.2, LESS 1.3.3, CoffeeScript 1.4.0, IcedCoffeeScript 1.4.0a, Jade 0.28.0, HAML 3.1.7, SLIM 1.3.6.
  • Added MaxMonitoredFilesPerProject option to change the default limit of 100,000 files per project for those of you with really huge projects. Documented in “Monitoring more than 100,000 files” help article.

Changes in 2.3.20:

  • fixed handling of custom CoffeeScript output file names
  • signed with Developer ID

Changes in 2.3.18:

  • fixed a crash due to a buffer overflow bug in RPC code

Changes in 2.3.16:

  • fixed Susy
  • kill dates are gone, all builds will now work forever
  • off-Mac App Store licensing support
  • added unlimited trial mode
  • added Sparkle autoupdater
  • adjusted grace period on web socket disconnection — LiveReload now waits longer before stopping FS monitoring

Changes in 2.3.15:

  • added ZURB Foundation 3
  • all compilers updated to the latest versions

Changes in 2.3.14:

  • fix a URL overriding bug that caused stylesheets to disappear (because of spurious 403 errors)

Changes in 2.3.12:

  • fix a bug in url(…) CSS rewriting logic done when URL overriding is active
  • fix a crash when Internet connection is not available

Changes in 2.3.10/2.3.11:

  • support for ‘chained’ imports in Sass: @import "foo", "bar", "boz"
  • all compilers updated to the latest stable versions (to the latest prerelease versions for 2.3.11)
  • fixed a crash the occurred if the system-installed Ruby did not work

Changes in 2.3.9:

  • support for prefixfree actually works

Changes in 2.3.8:

  • CoffeeScript, IcedCoffeeScript, Stylus and HAML updated to the latest versions

Changes in 2.3.7:

  • better handling of FS changes that occur during post-processing
  • stops output path autodetection madness (the rules are now much stricter)
  • correct handling of imported files with identical names located in different folders
  • some other bug fixes

Changes in 2.3.5/2.3.6:

  • updated all bundled compiles to the latest versions
  • fix a crash when modifying a compilable file with compilation mode off

Changes in 2.3.4:

  • ability to customize project name in the project list (try right-clicking and double-clicking)
  • ability to customize output file names (your feedback is required on the UI — I'm not 100% happy with it)
  • fixed output path autodetection heuristics when imported files are present (LiveReload was always meant to read your mind when setting up output paths)
  • fixed a bug which caused SASS imported files to sometimes not getting recognized as such

Changes in 2.3.0–2.3.3:

  • Stylus compiler now supports Nib
  • works with Chrome 19 and the latest beta of Safari, should resolve other intermittent connection problems
  • web socket communication is now done via Node.js and websocket.io

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