What's the status of LiveReload? (3.x, 2.x, support)

(As of July 2014.)

Version 3.x

I've been working on version 3.0, the next major cross-platform release, since summer 2012. It will be a free upgrade, but I have no release date to announce.

Version 2.x on the Mac

In maintenance mode. Generally works pretty well.


Support tickets are being replied on time since August 2013. From May 2014, I generally have a one-day response time on all tickets (yay, my life's getting back in order!)

I had periods when I haven't been attending to support requests from ~November 2012 to ~July 2013. If this has affected you, I'm very sorry; yes, I am. I have 770 unanswered tickets from that period. When I actually became capable of replying, several months have passed by, and it would be very funny to send a response at that point.

I have improved my support process a lot, and generally resolved the problems that I had.


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