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Fully-functional Windows version

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    Andrey TarantsovAdminAndrey Tarantsov (Founder, LiveReload) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Miles GilmourMiles Gilmour commented  · 

        @CPJ, yep same here on Vista 64bit - it runs for a couple of refreshes and then crashes. Looks like development of the Windows version has stalled.

      • CPJCPJ commented  · 

        It crashes all the time. I saw that there are other comments saying this. I use windows 8 and it crashes alot.

      • matsaukeomatsaukeo commented  · 

        Wow, I was so happy when I saw this working on windows with chrome. Watching a folder, change to CSS and it injecting it live into the browser. The future is here!...

        BUT... I use backwards importing all the time for less so need that feature and a way to stop it compiling the modules. Happily pay for software if/when this happens! thanks

      • AnthonyAnthony commented  · 

        Doesn't Reload CSS in Chrome
        I have version of Livereload.
        I am running my website on my localhost.

        HTML works, but when I edit CSS and save, it doesn't reload the page.
        It seems as if Livereload picks up the save since I can see in the program that it updates the change count. But it doesn't transfer it to Chrome so I do not get a update there. HTML works, but not CSS.

        Everything works in Firefox, so I am thinking that the problem is with chrome. Not sure how to solve this problem. I have tried to insert the script code, that did not change anything.

        LiveReload Windows version:
        Chrome version: 24.0.1312.57 m
        Chrome LiveReload extension version: 2.0.9
        OS:Windows 7 64bit.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It crashes so often that I can hardly use it!

        It will crash in one minute or several seconds!

        OS is windows 8.I'm using Chome 24.0.1312.56 m,Chinese Windows 8 64bit Professional

      • MichaelMichael commented  · 

        It does not reloads the browser when a CSS file is updated.

      • DavidDavid commented  · 

        If the folder no longer exists (changed name or something) the application crashes at startup. And you have to be really fast to remove the folder. using version v0.7.1.0

      • JamieJamie commented  · 

        Josh I share your exact same problem. Works great in FF, not at all in Chrome.

      • Gareth DaviesGareth Davies commented  · 

        Love this as I am stuck on Windows at work :-(

        Crashes a lot but has massive potential. Well done

      • JoshJosh commented  · 

        I installed the extensions for Firefox and Chrome. LiveReload worked well in Firefox but not at all with Chrome. When I click the extension icon in Chrome it does't change like it does in Firefox. Doesn't seem to be enabling... even though it says enabled.

        Anyone have an idea of what could be the problem?

      • DariusDarius commented  · 

        Great work, the one thing I really really miss is the ability to filter out watches for certain changes, such as to scss files. I use a grunt watcher to do special compilation, so it's annoying to get a double refresh, once for the scss, and then a second later for the css it produced.

      • Ian ZamojcIan Zamojc commented  · 

        It would be really nice if there was a configurable grace period in the Windows version like the OSX version has.

      • RandoreRandore commented  · 

        I don't know if this feature already exists in live! how about saving the code edited in firebug to our local files. (eg: firebug > html, css in local drive)

        Thanks in advance

      • Kennedy TanKennedy Tan commented  · 

        pantarhei, you have to go to the settings in Chrome. In the Livereload extension, you have to enable access to url, you can see it as a checklist.. Maybe this will work.

      • Kennedy TanKennedy Tan commented  · 

        Will LiveReload work on Windows 8?? I have not tried yet, because I want to be sure that when I format my PC, livereload is gonna work..

      • pantarheipantarhei commented  · 

        Is there an issue with @import url() on Windows? If I change an imported css file I can see the main.css file reloaded in the network tab. But no changed styles are applied in the browser. Is it a known issue?

        Windows 7 x64

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It seems 0.7 does not work properly with compass. It crashed everytime I opened it however if point to non compass project, it works fine.

      • Kennedy TanKennedy Tan commented  · 

        Hello Admin and developers!! Just 3 weeks ago, I gave up trying LR because the application doesn't run in WIndows so I tried the ordinary preprocessors. But then, yesterday was a big miracle that I landed in this feedback forum about LR in Windows so I immediately installed the v0.7 and hola, it's working very well. I'm gonna spend some time here. :) Thank you very much to this community! Now non-Mac users can also enjoy.

      • design.effeitodesign.effeito commented  · 

        It was very good. Whims interface, looks good, and it's working perfectly here.
        Thanks for your patience and willingness to help us mortals Windows users.

        This time he made me a lack siginificativa.

        When launching the final version not forget to put the sale by it would be unfair on our part not to contribute financially so good with software.

        thank you Andrey

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